How Do You Fix A Bleach Stain On Carpet?

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1 Answer

You're unpacking the last box in your new apartment, and after you put the cleaning products away and remove the empty box you find...a bleach stain on the carpet. Before you pull out your hair and run screaming down the street, take a deep breath and try some damage control. You may be able to fix that bleach stain, and no one will be the wiser. Step 1 Blot the area with paper towels to remove any liquid bleach. Step 2 Rinse the bleach stain, using a sponge and warm water. Take care not to soak the area with water, as it will need to dry before you proceed. Step 3 Cut some carpet fibers from a hidden area of the floor, such as a closet. This will be your sample so you can match the color. Tape them to a white piece of cardboard or index card. Step 4 Purchase several small bottles of acrylic paint (the kind used for craft projects). Choose the color that best matches your carpet and also purchase a few bottles a shade lighter and a shade darker. Step 5 Test the colors you purchased ... more
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