How Do You Fix A Broken Cake?

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1 Answer

Many people have taken cake decorating classes, but what happens when things go awry? Here's a quick lesson in Cake Repair 101. Step 1 If the broken cake is on the floor, forget it. Scoop it up, throw it out, and bake a new one. Step 2 Make sure you have as many pieces of your broken cake as possible in as close to the original shape as possible. This will be much easier on a sheet cake than a layer cake. Step 3 Using your pastry bag with either a star tip or a round tip, squeeze icing between the cracks like glue. Gently push the pieces together. Step 4 Whipped icing can be used as is for this step. If you're using buttercream, put some in a bowl and add water to thin it down. Spread this in a thin layer all over your broken cake, making sure you cover every crack, crevice and/or hole. Step 5 Place your cake in the fridge and allow the thin layer of icing to harden, which should take about half an hour. Step 6 Remove the cake from the fridge, grab your spatula and ice it as you ... more
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