How Do You Fix A Broken Clasp On Bracelets?

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1 Answer

No matter how careful we are with our costume or fine bracelets or necklaces the round claps always seem to break. At times they fall off and get lost. Other times they open a bit too wide and the bracelet falls off and gets lost. Fix the clasp on bracelets or necklaces quickly, easily and inexpensively in a very short time. Buy a package of gold or silver (depending on the jewelry) round clasps. Remove the clasp from your jewelry if it has not been lost. Bring it with you when you go to buy a replacement. This is so you are able to buy the same size clasp. Buy clasps at any jewelry store or where they sell fine and/or costume jewelry and fix the bracelet clasp. Place the replacement clasps and the bracelet or necklace on a table that has good lighting. Use the tweezers to grasp the old clasp on one side. Grasp the other side with your fingers and move one hand to the right and the other to the left, until the clasp opens wide at the slit on the clasp. Slip off the old clasps. Grasp ... more
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