How Do You Fix A Chipped Washing Machine?

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1 Answer

Over time or due to an item placed incorrectly in a washing machine, the washer may become chipped. It is essential to inspect the drum of the washing machine for such chips monthly. If left unattended, the area will rust and place rust marks on the clothing. The following will help you quickly fix the chips in your washing machine drum. Step 1 Dry the drum of the washing machine completely with a towel. Step 2 Paint the chipped area with a silicone sealant. This may be purchased at any local hardware store. Step 3 Allow the silicone sealant to dry several hours. Step 4 Paint the area with the enamel touch up paint that came with the washer. Although it is for external use, it may also be used on the inside of the drum. Step 5 Let the enamel touch-up paint dry overnight. Step 6 Inspect the area prior to using the washing machine. Touch it lightly to verify that it is dry and there are no rust markings. more
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