How Do You Fix A Clogged Spray Bottle?

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1 Answer

A clogged spray bottle can be frustrating when you cannot spray the contents of the spray bottle. Fortunately, fixing a clogged spray bottle is a simple process that involves basic household tools and materials. In only minutes, you can repair the nozzle of the spray bottle and have a fully functioning spray bottle to use for all of your cleaning needs around the house. Step 1 Remove the entire spray mechanism from the spray bottle. Step 2 Add equal parts of white vinegar and cool water to the shallow dish. Step 3 Place the spray mechanism into the shallow dish so it is beneath the vinegar and water mixture. Step 4 Leave the spray mechanism soaking in the vinegar and water for approximately ten minutes. Step 5 Remove the spray mechanism and rinse it under hot water. Step 6 Dry the spray mechanism and place it back into the spray bottle. Spray the spray bottle to see if it is unclogged. If it still will not work, proceed to the next step. Step 7 Remove the spray nozzle from the spray ... more
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