How Do You Fix A Fuel Line Freeze Up?

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In parts of the country that experience below-freezing temperatures, a fuel line freeze-up in your automobile is a real possibility. When water vapor mixes with residual fuel left in the fuel line, frozen blockage can result, preventing the start of the engine. The blockage must be removed in order for the fuel system to operate properly. How to fix a fuel-line freeze up. Step 1 Use your crescent wrench to disconnect the fuel line at the fuel pump and the gas tank hose. Turn them counterclockwise to loosen and disconnect. Step 2 Attach a narrow spray fitting to the air compressor, turning the fitting clockwise with your crescent wrench until snug. Plug in your air compressor and let it reach 120 psi. Step 3 Place the spray nozzle in the fuel line by the fuel pump and apply air pressure until the blockage comes free. If the blockage does not come free follow the next step. Step 4 Remove the compressor nozzle from the fuel line opening and pour about a cup of alcohol into the line. ... more
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