How Do You Fix A Google Timeout Virus?

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1 Answer

If you use Internet Explorer regularly, there's a good chance you've come face-to-face with the Google Timeout Virus. This virus comes in two forms. In one case, you'll get a timeout message while conducting a Google search and the query will not be able to be completed. In the other, you'll get a warning after searching indicating that your computer may be infected with a virus. Step 1 The Google Timeout Virus works by replicating and moving hosts files on your PC. Go to the "C:" drive and open the Windows folder. Open the file called System32. Step 2 Open the drivers folder in the System32 file. Step 3 Open the "Etc" folder inside. Locate any hosts files in the folder. Step 4 Drag any hosts files you find there into your Recycling Bin. You now have defeated the virus. more
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