How Do You Fix A Leaking Window Air-Conditioner?

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A water leaking air conditioner can not only be messy but it can also ruin the interior of your home. Fixing the leak is not so much a repair job as much as it is a routine maintenance that should be performed once a year before the window air conditioner goes back into service. By following a basic process you keep that window air unit from leaking during the warm months that it is needed. Pull the air conditioner from the window on a mild, sunny spring day. The sun shine will help in rapidly drying out the air conditioner after you perform the next routine process. Place the air unit on a firm surface. Preferably a concrete slab or a few old boards. Do not place the unit on grass or dirt. Use the screwdriver and remove the outer metal housing of the air conditioner. There are generally 4 to 6 screws along the lower edge of the cover that holds it to the frame. Observe the inside of the air unit. Note that there is a plastic drain tray on the bottom. This drain tray carries away the ... more
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