How Do You Fix A Microwave Turntable?

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1 Answer

A microwave oven can be a dangerous small appliance to repair. Microwaves are high-voltage appliances that emit radiation; therefore, use extreme caution even when you are just trying to diagnose a problem. Food particles obstructing the motion of the glass carousel cooking plate or tray can be detected through simple observation. Although most problems with the turntable are easy do-it-yourself fixes, mechanical problems affecting the operation of the oven should be left to a professional who has experience repairing electrical appliances. Step 1 Turn off power to the unit, and unplug the microwave. You do not want electricity running to the appliance while you are working. Step 2 Remove the glass plate or tray from the microwave oven. Check to see if spilled food particles are caught in the roller wheel that supports the glass plate. Step 3 Clean the inside of the microwave, particularly the area below the glass plate and the plastic turntable ring and roller wheels. Food particles ... more
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