How Do You Fix A Panty Hose Run?

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1 Answer

Any woman who has ever worn panty hose has experienced the dreaded run. The run will usually occur at the most inconvenient time and you want a quick fix for it. These are a couple of ways that you can stop a run in your panty hose. Step 1 Keep clear nail polish in your purse. Place a small amount of clear nail polish on both ends of the run as soon as you spot it. Step 2 Let the nail polish dry. Give it a couple minutes to dry in order to set the polish. Once dry, the polish will prevent the run from expanding. Step 3 Spray the run with hairspray. This is a great alternative to use if you do not have any clear nail polish available. Most bathrooms at formal events will provide hairspray for the use of guests. Step 4 Repeat if necessary. You may have to put more than one coat of nail polish on the panty hose or spray the area several times with hairspray to keep the run in place. Step 5 Prevent panty hose runs by handling the nylons carefully. They should not be stored in wooden ... more
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