How Do You Fix A Pellet Gun?


Any problems with your pellet gun will invariably be because a pellet has gotten stuck. Before you send your pellet gun in for repairs, follow these steps to remove a jammed pellet. If you are unable to unjam your pistol using these steps, your manufacturer will unjam it for you, probably for free within the warranty period, if you take it to an authorized service repair facility. How to Fix a Pellet Gun Step 1 Set the air pistol to “safe” and empty and remove the CO2 cartridge. Step 2 Open the barrel. Step 3 Insert a rod or straightened clothes hanger into the barrel. Start at the breech and make sure you don’t scrape at the barrel in any way. Step 4 Push at the stuck pellet with the clothes hanger. Push toward the muzzle end of the pistol.