How Do You Fix A Snagged Sweater?

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1 Answer

A snag in a sweater will only get bigger. Unless you want to toss the sweater, you'll have to repair tears as soon as you see them. Read on to learn about how to fix a snagged sweater. Step 1 Select a thread that matches the color of your sweater. If you purchase a sewing kit, you will most likely have everything you need. Step 2 Turn your sweater inside-out and locate where the snag is. Use your fingers to gently pull the snagged fabric from the outside of the sweater to the inside. The point is to stitch together the snagged area so it blends in with the sweater and will not unravel. Step 3 Thread your needle and tie a few knots in the same place at the end of the thread. Insert your needle into the sweater where the snag starts. Reach your hand inside the sweater to retrieve the needle and feed it back through to the other side. Continue sewing the snag. Your purpose is to smooth over the snag with the thread. Step 4 Tie off the thread after you have sewed over the entire area ... more
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