How Do You Fix A Splinter In A Hardwood Floor?

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Hardwood flooring makes a beautiful addition to any home. Even with the best care and maintenance, splinters may occasionally pop up in the wood. Wood splinters can be caused by objects dropped on the floor or by slid furniture. Regardless of how a splinter formed, it is important to fix it at first sight. Leaving the splinter in the wood may cause a more serious problem down the road. Repairing a splinter in a wood floor is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire board. Pry up the part of the splinter that has become detached from the grain. Use the pointy blade on a utility knife to carefully lift up the splinter. Apply a moderate coating of wood glue to the underside of the splinter. Press down on the splinter so that it is back in place on the wood. Dampen a rag slightly with water. Wipe down the area around the splinter to remove excess glue. Avoid soaking the rag or applying too much water. The wood glue is water-based and will not work properly if wet. Lay a piece ... more
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