How Do You Fix A Squeaky Bed & Mattress?

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1 Answer

If your bed is squeaky, you might not be able to get a solid night's rest. But there are several things you can do to fix your bed. You first need to determine if the problem is with your mattress and bed springs or if it is with your bed frame. Then you can take a few steps to be on your way to getting some quiet sleep. Step 1 Check your mattress and box springs. Normally, these will last as long as five years. But if your children jump on the bed, they may wear down more quickly. If you are able to feel the springs through the mattress or the springs are sticking out of the box springs, then it is probably time for a replacement. If the mattress is still on the newer side, then you should check the warranty to see if it is still covered. Some companies may offer up to a 3-year warranty. Step 2 Check to see if the mattress is directly centered over the box spring. Over time the mattress could have shifted, which may cause a squeaking noise. Step 3 Determine if there is anything ... more
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