How Do You Fix A Squeaky Ceramic Floor?

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1 Answer

A ceramic floor is a beautiful and elegant part of any home. Unfortunately, even the pristine luster of ceramics can be marred by floor squeaks. Ceramic has a very rigid quality, meaning it is usually not the culprit. The cause of the squeaks is usually the floor underneath. Fortunately, with the right tools, you can learn how to fix a squeaky ceramic floor. Gain access to the floorboards and subfloor. The easiest way to get to what needs fixing is to go up from underneath, rather than down from the top. Go into the basement to gain access to first-floor floorboards. Use a handheld jigsaw to remove a section of the ceiling to gain access to the floorboards of the upper floors in your house. Locate the source of the squeak. Squeaks are generally caused by a loose nail or floorboard rubbing against other material. Have a friend move over the squeaky tile while you inspect the underside of the floor to search for the cause. Prod the underside with your fingers to see whether any board ... more
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