How Do You Fix A Warped Bike Tire?

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1 Answer

Unless you are riding with the speed that can rival a turtle, you will never experience warped bike tire problems. This is something that happens to most riders. There will come a time when you will miscalculate the distance and slam the front tire to a wall or something. It is funny when you picture it but it happens! The tire you can easily replace with a new one but can you fix a warped tire rim? If the damage is not that great on the warped areas are just pretty minimal and 80% of the rim is still in great shape, you can still do something about this. Here is a step by step guide on how you can fix this: Step 1: Detach the tire from the bicycle. Get a wrench and remove the bolts that secure either side of the wheel to the bicycle. Remove the wheel and set it on a sturdy working area. It is better if you have a truing stand. You can just put the tire there and secure it by locking the nuts. This should let you work on the wheel without it rolling elsewhere (but this should not be ... more
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