How Do You Fix An Unstable Computer?

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1 Answer

HOW TO FIX AN UNSTABLE COMPUTER. Many people sometimes while working on an application on their computers notice a sudden freeze, an unresponsive program or application such as MSWORD or EXCEL or while surfing the internet the computer freezes. One easy solution may be to perform the steps in this article to resolve the freezing computer or program/application. Step 1 On a windows XP machine do this: Restart your computer. Step 2 Once you see it restarting hit the F8 key. Step 3 Windows diagnostic screen pops up Step 4 Use the arrow keys on the keyboard Step 5 Select "LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION" Step 6 Select the current operating system. *Hit enter Your Computer is now back to the last stable configuration. * Perform windows update regularly * Update anti virus software that is installed on your computer * Be careful the sites you visit on the internet because some of them may add tracking cookies and spy ware or adware that may affect the stability of your computer. more
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