How Do You Fix Bubbles In Laminate Flooring?

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Laminate provides a durable flooring solution for any room, giving a homeowner an inexpensive alternative to traditional stone, ceramic or hardwood floors, while still creating the same look. While most laminate floors can last decades with the proper maintenance, sometimes problems develop. One common one is bubbles in the flooring, which mar the smooth look of the laminate surface. Bubbling in the surface generally has one of two causes, moisture or tension, but both can be repaired with a little effort if you quickly level the surface to restore a smooth unblemished floor. Replacing Damaged Floorboard Step 1 Inspect the area that's bubbling. If the bubble is limited to a single board, then the board itself has become damaged because layers in the board have lost their cohesion, buckling or warping most likely because of moisture. This requires you to remove the damaged board and replace it with a new one. Step 2 Remove the wall molding nearest the floorboard with a screwdriver or ... more
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