How Do You Fix Choppy Streaming Video In Windows XP?

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1 Answer

Watching videos online on your Windows XP system is an exciting experience. But nothing ruins video playback more than freezes, slow buffering speeds and choppy flickering images known as "hiccups." Using a free Windows XP speed video accelerator program, you can increase the buffering speed of streaming video to play it clearly. This simple easy-to-use tool works with more than 150 of the most popular video-sharing websites and video programs that support high-quality playbacks. Step 1 Navigate to the SpeedBit Video Accelerator page (see Resources) to download SpeedBit Video Accelerator free. Step 2 Click "Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator and click "Run" to download the program. When the download is complete, the installation window will automatically open. Step 3 Click "Next" on the installation window. Click "I Accept" after reading the terms and conditions. Step 4 Select the output directory to save your program to; click "Next." The program will copy and install all the files. ... more
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