How Do You Fix Crazing Eyeglass Lens?

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Small scratches on non-reflecting coated glasses are known as crazing. Crazing can happen for a number of reasons, including wiping the glasses with an abrasive surface or dropping them, and everyday wear and tear. The only way to repair them is to have them resurfaced with a non-reflective coating by your optometrist. There are three ways to resurface the glasses, and only his staff is capable of performing this procedure. Step 1 One procedure to resurface the lenses is a new coat is sprayed on the lens after the old coat is taken off (done by various methods), and then the lenses are exposed to a high heat that dries the new surfacing and causes it to harden. Step 2 The non-reflecting coat can also be added when your lenses are crafted, where the anti-reflecting coat can actually be ingrained into the lens itself. This makes inadvertent removal much more difficult. Step 3 The last way to resurface with a non-reflecting coat is through a vacuum process that includes putting the ... more
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Wow am I happy I read this blog!!! I had two pairs of expensive glasses that had crazed lenses. One had gotten spray paint come down on them when I was under my motorhome touching things up. Then I tried to get the paint off and it crazed the lenses. I took them to several places and all said the same thing, "nothing can be done, you need NEW glasses!" And I got new glasses. Well, my new $300 glasses became crazed, and they are only 1 year old! Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. So I did what we do in this modern world, I Googled my problem. And here I am. I could not find Armor Etch at Michaels, but they had Martha Stewarts glass etching goop. I experimented on the pair that had gotten paint, enamel reducer, and were a hazy mess. It was all on the anti glare coating! After gooping on the Glass Etch solution, and waiting the 5 minutes, I could not believe my eyes! They were like BRAND NEW! Now that I felt brave, I did my newer pair. Same thing, just like new! Thanks for the insight!!! Here is another AAA+++ for glass etching solution on plastic lenses, it works!
Rick Smith

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