How Do You Fix Electric Hair Clippers?

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1 Answer

Electric hair clippers are used for cutting and trimming hair and are popular for home use. Clippers may be either corded or rechargeable and feature interchangeable plastic guards for cutting hair at various lengths. Electric clippers typically feature a row of cutting teeth which slide from side to side in a rapid motion against a set row of cutting teeth. There may be times when problems arise with clippers which may be resolved by some basic trouble shooting procedures. Step 1 Refer to the owners manual for basic trouble shooting tips and procedures which may be performed at home. There will typically be steps and items which may be checked which often times will resolve operating issues. Step 2 Plug the electric cord into the wall outlet. Whether corded or rechargeable, a good electrical connection is required for operation. Check the power cord to ensure it is in good condition and the plug fits securely into the wall outlet. If the cord has become damaged or is no longer ... more
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