How Do You Fix Electrical Outlets That Are Set Too Deeply?

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1 Answer

Recessed outlets can present a problem when you're remodeling a room. It is never safe to attempt to use an outlet that is sunken or recessed too deeply into a wall, as typically the cover plate cannot be installed and there are potential dangers from exposed wires. An outlet extension ring will add depth to the outlet box and can be adjusted so the box, outlet and cover plate are all flush with the wall. This will not only be much more safe, but it will improve the look of the room as well. Step 1 Locate the breaker on the main circuit panel that controls the power to the outlet to be worked on. Typically, the main circuit panel is in the garage or utility room, and the individual breakers are labeled on the inside of the cover panel door. Turn the breaker to the outlet off. Step 2 Remove the screws at the bottom and top of the electrical outlet, using the screwdriver. Set the screws aside, and pull the outlet out of the electrical box as far as the wiring will extend. Step 3 Slide ... more
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