How Do You Fix Lumpy Mashed Potatoes?

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1 Answer

Good homemade mashed potatoes will knock the socks off the instant crap. There are a few ways to make mashed potatoes and a few ways to mess them up as well! If you have gooey or lumpy mashed potatoes you might fall into the latter. Here is how you can make proper mashed potatoes or possible fix yours. Step 1 If you haven't started to make your mashed potatoes yet you can skip this. If your potatoes are already done and messed up there still might be hope! If yours are lumpy in some places, then add milk and sour cream and continue mashing. If yours are too gooey or not thick enough, put them into a casserole dish and bake them. Some people like to add dip mixes to both of the following step. Step 2 First the ingredients. To make 5-6 servings of mashed potatoes you need: - 2 pounds of potatoes - 3/4 cup of milk - Salt and pepper and some people like ranch dip mixes - 3-6 tablespoons of butter Step 3 jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#jsArticleStep3 span.image a:first').attr(' ... more
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