How Do You Fix Peeling Paint On Drywall?

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1 Answer

You loved the color of paint you selected for your living room or other space. Everything was just right at first. Now the paint is peeling, and you don't know why. Peeling and blistering paint is caused by a number of factors, including moisture and poor surface preparation. Repairing the problem is not difficult with a few tools, some high-grade primer and wall paint. Scrape away any peeling paint from the wall surface using a putty knife. Wear eye goggles, nose mask and gloves. Sweep area after you are finished scraping. Place a strip of masking tape above any scraped areas and wait a few seconds, then peel the tape off. If any paint comes off with the tape, scrape the areas again until the tape removes no paint. Sand scraped areas with sandpaper in the 100-grit range. The higher the grit number, the smoother your surface will be. Sand until the surface is smooth and no ridges are present. Apply a high-grade bonding/sealer primer to any scraped area. Follow the directions on the ... more
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