How Do You Fix Sagging Drywall Ceilings?

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1 Answer

Before you attempt to fix sagging drywall ceilings, you need to find out why they are sagging. Very often it's a moisture problem, and high humidity in your attic, or a roof leak, is softening the sheets of drywall. Fixing your ceilings without taking care of whatever is causing them to sag in the first place will be a waste of your valuable time. Once the cause is addressed, you can usually straighten out the ceilings, as long as there's no extensive damage to the drywall. Step 1 Brace the sagging drywall with lumber to hold it up and in place while you reattach it, if you don't have a partner to push the drywall up against the ceiling joists. Use an 8-foot piece of lumber (assuming you have a standard 8-foot tall ceiling) firmly wedged between the floor and ceiling. Step 2 Pound in protruding drywall nails or screws with a hammer. Try not to break through the paper covering the sheet of drywall. Step 3 Screw the drywall into the ceiling joists with 1 1/4 inch drywall screws, about ... more
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