How Do You Fix Scratches In Chrome Bumpers?

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1 Answer

Chrome bumpers have been used on cars and trucks for years and are particularly prevalent on classic and vintage vehicles. Because of their vulnerable location at the extremities of a vehicle, they can get damaged easily from rocks and debris thrown up from the road. Often, chrome bumpers develop small scratches. These can be removed with a little effort and the right supplies. Step 1 Wash the bumper with a mild cleaner like dish detergent. Rinse off the bumper with a hose and then dry it thoroughly with a clean, dry, lint-free towel. Step 2 Polish the bumper with a high-quality chrome polish like the kind that Mothers makes (see Resources). Apply a small amount of the polish to a micro-fiber towel and wipe it onto the chrome. Work the polish into the scratch and then buff the polish out. Step 3 Finish removing the scratch with the finest grade of steel wool. Wet the bumper with water to avoid dulling the surface while using the steel wool. Apply a small amount of the polish to the ... more
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