How Do You Fix Wood Floor Swelling?

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When a wood floor shows signs of swelling, it either has been directly damaged by water or has been exposed to high humidity. If a floor has been severely damaged by water, it will probably have to be replaced. A floor that is swollen because of humidity, however, can often be fixed with a few relatively easy steps. The most common sign of swollen wood floors is boards that are warped. Many times the floor will fix itself by removing the source of moisture---as the swelling goes down, the wood often straightens out. Step 1 Use a hygrometer to determine the humidity in the room where the wood floor is swollen. The recommended humidity when the temperature outside is 20 degrees or above is in the 40 percent range. The humidity should be slightly lower when the temperature is lower. Step 2 Run a dehumidifier in the room to decrease the humidity, if necessary. Another method to decrease the humidity is to blow warm, dry air into the house with box fans set in windows. Step 3 Wait to see ... more
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