How Do You Fly A Powered Parachute?

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1 Answer

The airframe of a powered parachute contains the engine, propeller and controls. It's suspended below a nylon parachute by multiple lines. Powered parachutes don't require an airport because of their low take off and landing speeds. You don't need a pilot's license to fly one since they're classified by the FAA as ultralight vehicles. With its low cost, safe and simple design, you can fly a powered parachute just for fun. Step 1 Begin the flight with your machine flat on the ground and the parachute spread out behind you. As you move forward, air fills the parachute, forming an airfoil. Add more throttle as the chute inflates. Additional speed lifts the machine off the ground. Step 2 Apply pressure to a foot pedal to turn the machine. A powered parachute is designed to fly straight with almost no attention from the pilot. When a gust of wind swings the airframe, gravity brings it back to center under the parachute. Pull up on the throttle to increase your power and climb, and pull ... more
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