How Do You Fold An Origami Dollar Cross?

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1 Answer

I love to leave an extra something as a tip and Origami objects do the trick. This one however, has other uses. As you see in the picture you can pin it on your pocket or collar and use it as a "witnessing" tool. Enjoy Fold the bill sideways. Once you have learned to do this, it is easy to adjust the proportions by changing this fold to make it longer or shorter. Now fold it back the other way. Use George's cheek as a marker. Fold the edge of the short end to the middle and create a triangle shaped fold on the right end as you do this. Be patient with yourself. Take your time. This is the hardest part. You will do it 3 more times. So once you have it down the rest is a "piece of cake." Now fold the other side to match. Turn the dollar over and fold the long side over the short and keep an eye on the location of George's cheek. Fold it back the other way now as if your were creating a paper fan. Now repeat that "tricky" fold; first on one side. Now repeat on the other side. This is of ... more
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