How Do You Fold An Origami Dollar Pig (Razorback?

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I love adding a little something extra to a tip. This model I created just the other day. I used the Heart (for which I can't take design credit) as a base. Begin with step 10 of How to fold and Origami Dollar Heart! http://www.ehow.com/how_5277737_fold-origami-dollar-heart.html Fold one half of one side up in preparation of a squash fold. The squash fold in progress The completed squash fold Now narrow the resulting kite shape. This will become one of 4 legs. Next narrow the other side of the leg. Begin to petal fold the flap upwards. The folds that were outside now get folded inside. The completed petal fold. Fold the petal back in the other direction. Next fold the leg in half. Repeat these steps for fold a leg on the other flap of this side of the model. Inside both legs outward. Bookfold one sidedown. Repeat all these steps for the two legs on the other half of the model. Open out the body to reveal the square shape. Narrow each side by folding an edge to the middle creating a ... more
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