How Do You Get A Draik Egg In Neopets?

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1 Answer

In the online world of Neopia, users can explore, play games, complete quests and more with the help of user-created characters called Neopets. One of the more elusive species of Neopets is the Draik, a cute dragon-like creature that can be raised to adulthood from an egg. Check to see if Draik eggs are for sale at the Merifood shop in Meridell. Draik eggs can usually be found at the Merifood shop after it has been restocked. If you can't find a Draik egg at the Merifood shop, move on to Step 4. Go to the Neopian Trading Post to browse for and price a Draik egg. There are often quite a few Draik eggs up for trade at the Neopian Trading Post. Draik eggs typically sell for two million Neopoints or more. Because Draik eggs are so expensive, unless you've been saving up your Neopoints for quite some time, you probably won't be able to buy the Draik egg yet. Decide which color Draik egg you'll want to buy. Draik eggs are available in red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Earn extra ... more
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