How do you get a former employers tax id number without a w2 form?

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1 Answer

Have you tried calling the company and asking them? If you do not have a company's Employer Identification Number and need to find it, there are several ways to try to locate the EIN. Public companies print the EIN on the first page of their 10-Ks, 20-Fs and other SEC filings. You can locate these documents for free through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR database. Nonprofit organizations often include the EIN on the Form 990 which provides a nonprofit organization's financial information and executive names. GuideStar, which is a nonprofit organization Website, maintains a database with several organizations' Form 990. The basic GuideStar search is a free service that requires an ID (e-mail) and password to access the Form 990. For private companies you can try looking at the company Website, a company invoice or try fee-based resources such as Westlaw (BUS-TRACK and/or FEIN-ALL) or Lexis (D&B/FEIN). In addition, KnowX, a commercial vendor, allows you to search ...
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