How Do You Get A Loan For A Semi-Tractor?

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1 Answer

Everything you buy in grocery stores, department stores and even the mail delivered to your home or office comes by truck. Anyone thinking of tapping into the trucking industry needs a semi- tractor, and since most people can't pay cash, here's how to get a loan. Step 1 Go to a manufacturer's sales office if you would like to purchase a new semi-tractor. Many of the manufacturers offer in house financing for people that qualify. Step 2 Visit a used semi-tractor sales lot to see if there's a truck you'd like. Once you find the right semi-tractor, apply for a traditional bank loan using the semi-tractor as collateral. Step 3 Find a used truck lot that offers direct financing of the semi tractors that they sell. Generally this type of sales lot offers financing from within its own company, and is a "buy here, pay here" business. Usually you are able to take the truck home the day that you purchase it. Step 4 Locate a semi-tractor that is for sale from a company that offers a delayed ... more
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