How Do You Get Elected To Congress?

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1 Answer

The U.S. Congress is one of the world's oldest legislative bodies. Congress is divided into the Senate and the House of Representatives. Two senators are elected from each state. The number of representatives granted to each state varies by population. Each state is allotted at least one. Serving in Congress can be the highlight of anyone's career. To win a seat in Congress requires many skills, including a knack for fundraising as well as the ability to work closely with local party officials. Decide where to run. In general, representatives must live in their district for a certain number of days in order to represent it in Congress. Ideally you should have strong ties to and knowledge of an area before you propose any congressional run. Cultivate political party support. The Democrats and the Republicans are the two established American political parties. Congress members are not required to be a member of either party. However, party membership allows a candidate to tap into a ... more
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