How Do You Get FREE Hand Embroidery Designs?

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1 Answer

There are several methods of how to get FREE hand embroidery designs; one just has to know where to look or who to ask. Hand embroidery designs can be found in books, embroidery magazines, online, or can be handed down from one generation to the next. First, there are great amounts of FREE hand embroidery designs that you can choose from that are even offered online including: insects, flowers, borders, gold work, silk shading, and many more. These designs are offered as patterns and will give you the colors of the embroidery thread as numbers as well as what kind of tools you should use to complete the pattern. FREE hand embroidery designs found in books and magazines at the library can be copied without having to check the book out. These books and magazines will have a wealth of information that beginning and experienced embroiderers can benefit from. Finding FREE hand embroidery designs can also be as easy as asking a relative that is familiar with this type of stitching. This ... more
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