How Do You Get Furniture Leg Impressions Out Of Carpeting?

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1 Answer

Laziness isn't the only reason to put off rearranging the furniture. Another problem is that furniture leaves distinct impressions on most carpets, and the cushier the carpeting is, the more obvious the impressions are. These dents start to set in just hours after furniture has been set down on a carpet. After months or years of having the furniture in place, the impressions can be set so deeply that they seem permanent. If you follow these steps, however, you'll find that even the most compressed carpet fibers can be fluffed, brushed and revived. Move any furniture that may get in the way of you repairing the carpet. Rub the compressed areas of the carpet vigorously with your fingers and open palms. Then comb over the areas using the wide-toothed end of a hair comb. If the comb you're using is made of flexible plastic, you may need to hold it with two hands as you brush through the carpet fibers to prevent the comb from bending too much. Add water to your clothes iron's reservoir if ... more
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