How Do You Get Married In Prison In California?

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1 Answer

Maintaining a relationship with an incarcerated significant other can be difficult; however, it can really test the strength of your relationship. Many choose to take their relationships to the next level by marrying their incarcerated partner. Marrying a prisoner takes a fair amount of time, paperwork and dedication, but it is possible to do. Make sure that you and your prisoner are both fully dedicated to getting married. You or your prisoner will also need to find out what the marriage requirements and regulations are for the particular prison where your mate is serving time. This will vary from prison to prison. While many states do not allow marriage with prisoners on death row, in California you can marry a death row inmate. If you meet the basic requirements to be married, then have your prisoner request a marriage packet from a prison supervisor or supervisor. You will need to get copies of several forms of identification to prove that you are of legal age to marry and are a ... more
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