How Do You Get Paid To Review Government Grant Proposals?

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1 Answer

Grant proposals submitted to the federal government are generally reviewed first by a peer review panel. This panel consists of people in related fields of interest who are instructed to offer an unbiased assessment of the grant proposals that have been submitted. The members of this panel will assign ratings according to the criteria that they are given. There are many different areas of interest. When I first started, we were required to travel to Washington, DC. Today you will probably be able to perform your review services online. The rate of pay varies according to the different agencies. What you will appreciate besides the pay is the opportunity to learn just how the granting process works. It will also help to develop your skills as a grant proposal writer. This article will show you how easy it is to apply to become a federal grant reviewer. Prepare your (updated) resumes and have it accessible so that you will be able to load it to the agency site that will request it. If ... more
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