How Do You Get Revenge Without Getting Caught?

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1 Answer

Although seeking revenge is not appropriate for every conflict, there are times when you feel your pride or reputation must be defended. While getting revenge is great, getting revenge without getting caught is even better. Prepare yourself and your plan to get back at those who deserve a dose of revenge. Think before you act. Consider the consequences of getting revenge on someone. Know that you may be putting present and future relationships in jeopardy by acting on your vengeful thoughts. Are you that upset with your neighbor or coworker? Ensure that the revenge is unexpected by the victim. Keep all of your plans to yourself unless absolutely necessary. The risk of getting caught increases with each person you tell. Avoid acting suspicious around the victim, including being overly loving or helpful. Plan the attack. Tailor your revenge tactic to best annoy or humiliate the victim. Choose a suitable date and time to carry out the plan. Outline your plan in detail to avoid slip-ups ... more
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