How Do You Get Rid Of A Garlic Smell In The Ice Cube Maker In A Freezer?

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1 Answer

Garlic odors that get into the ice maker from freezer foods tend to result in ice cubes that have a bitter garlic odor and flavor. These garlic-flavored cubes completely change the taste of the drinks they are cooling. Ice cube makers with a strong garlic smell can be cleaned and refreshed with a few basic household items. Restore the usefulness of your freezer's ice cube maker by washing its surfaces with natural, food-safe cleaners. Remove all the food and ice from the freezer and turn it off. Allow the freezer and ice maker to thaw with the door open for a couple of hours or more. Place a whole lemon on a cutting board and press down firmly as you roll it around in every direction. Slice the lemon in half and leave both halves on the cutting board. Open the box of baking soda and sprinkle enough on a small plate to completely cover the surface. Take one of the lemon halves, press the cut end into the baking soda and twist it slowly into the plate. Wipe down all the surfaces of the ... more
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