How Do You Get Rid Of Buzzards?


How Do You Get Rid Of Buzzards?

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Black and turkey vultures, also known as buzzards in the U.S., perform a valuable service by eating dead animals that would otherwise spread disease in the environment. Unfortunately, these buzzards sometimes like to roost in undesirable areas such as the trees and playground equipment in your yard and even your home’s rooftops and fencing, leaving behind smelly acidic droppings. Buzzards are destructive, and knowing how to get rid of them will give you not only peace of mind but also a cleaner yard. Make noise around the buzzards’ favorite roosting area by clapping your hands, yelling and shaking branches of the trees (if this is where they are roosting). Buzzards do not like loud, jarring sounds. Fill a cap gun with cap shots according to the manufacturer’s directions and shoot into the buzzard roosting areas. A cap gun makes loud, startling noise without harming the buzzards. Attach your garden hose to a motion-activated water sprinkler and position the sprinkler so it is aiming at

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