How Do You Get Rid Of Internal Scar Tissue?

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Internal scar tissue occurs when injury or disease affects the body. Pain and inflammation may present itself with internal scar tissue, and depending on where it is located, may restrict body movements. Therapies are available to get rid of and treat internal scar tissue. Get massages in the area of the internal scar tissue. Therapeutic massage by a medical massage therapist breaks down scar tissue allowing for better blood circulation. Better blood circulation promotes healing to damaged tissues reducing pain and inflammation. Talk to your doctor about ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound therapy uses high frequency sound waves to break apart internal scar tissue. The therapy is non-invasive and lasts five to ten minutes per session. Session times and frequency depend on the severity of the scar tissue. Ask your doctor about magnet therapy. You place special magnets on your body that pulls blood to the scar tissue. Iron in the blood is attracted to the force of the magnet. Blood flow ... more
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