How Do You Get Rid Of Tree Roaches?

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Tree roach is a popular name for critters of the wood or American cockroach species. They cannot bite or spray, but they are scary-looking invaders that can leave feces and saliva on household items. Get rid of your creepy crawlers with these hints for a roach-free home. Check all entryways for cracks, holes and uneven alignment. Tree roaches often find themselves indoors by accident. The easiest way to discourage their invasion is to ensure that windows and doors have been properly sealed. It's also a good idea to check basements, attics, crawl spaces and foundations. Close up, tie, tape or bag every last crumb of food in your home. Cockroaches will navigate towards scraps left on dishes and cereal boxes left half-open. Most people skip this step for a more aggressive approach (such as pesticide), but the truth of the matter is, tree roaches will leave if you have nothing to offer them. Turn off outdoor lights as often as possible. Male cockroaches move toward light, especially in ... more
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