How Do You Get Vicks Vapor Rub Out Of Hair?

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1 Answer

Vicks ointment for chest congestion contains several aromatic essential oils as well as petrolatum. Because of these oily ingredients, Vicks will not rub easily off the skin, nor will it wash easily from the hair with just warm water or even regular shampooing. You'll need to use more than shampoo to remove this greasy ointment--fortunately, one product that works very well for getting ointment out of hair is probably already in your kitchen. Use dry paper towels to get as much of the ointment out of the hair as you can. Wrapping the towel around the base of the hair shafts and gently pull outward. Discard the used towel each time and use a new one to get more Vicks out. Rub the dishwashing liquid directly into the hair. Choose a dishwashing liquid that is formulated for cutting grease. This will help dissolve the Vicks, just as the dishwashing liquid dissolves cooking grease. Leave it on the hair for five minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water. Do not let the water drip into the ... more
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