How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Rayon & Nylon Fabric?

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1 Answer

Considered manufactured or man-made fabrics, rayon and nylon, though durable, are both prone to wrinkles. They also contain fibers that react in unexpected ways to heat and moisture. Rayon, for example, tends to shrink or stretch when wet. For this reason, you must care for these fabrics carefully to avoid damaging them. To remove wrinkles from rayon and nylon, carefully press these heat-sensitive fabrics with a warm iron at its lowest setting. Set the iron to a synthetic (low-heat) setting and allow it to warm up. Turn the steam off to avoid water spots on the rayon fabric. Turn the rayon fabric to the wrong side and place it onto the ironing board. Cover the rayon fabric with a press cloth and iron it lightly with the warm iron. Do not allow the iron to sit in one place on the rayon fabric to avoid scorching the fabric. Set the iron to the lowest heat setting with light steam. Allow the iron to warm up. Place the nylon fabric onto the ironing board and iron the fabric with the warm ... more
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