How Do You Give A Cocker Spaniel A Summer Puppy Cut?

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1 Answer

Summer heat can be hard on long haired dogs, especially odor-causing pets or those with a thick coat like cocker spaniels. Consider a short puppy cut to keep your cocker spaniel cooler this summer. Gather all of the supplies needed for clipping the dog. Having everything ready prevents you from leaving the dog on the grooming table while getting something. Place the pet on the grooming table, using the appropriate precautions when lifting. Use grooming straps to secure the dog. Brush and comb through the entire dog's coat, using the matt breaker if necessary. This is critical, as matts will catch on the clippers and injure the dog. Start at the face of the cocker spaniel. Using a No. 9 or No. 10 clipper blade, shave the entire face clean going in the direction of the hair growth. Take special care in removing the hair near the cocker spaniel's eyes, using the clippers opposite the hair growth in this area. Use a No. 10 blade on the pet clippers to trim the inside of both ears. Be ... more
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