How Do You Give Yourself A B12 Injection?

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1 Answer

B12 injections are often prescribed when someone has a B12 deficiency. There are other ways B12 can be administered, including sublingual tablets that you dissolve under your tongue, a dermal patch, and a nasal spray. Some people prefer injections, though, and if you're B12 is very low your doctor may recommend injections as the quickest and easiest way to get your level up. You can visit your doctor's office regularly to receive your B12 injections, but many people find it more convenient to give themselves injections at home. It's much cheaper to do the injections yourself, as well. Ask your doctor if you should be injecting your B12 intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Some doctors believe the intramuscular injections are more effective but others believe the subcutaneous injections work just as well. You'll need a larger needle for an IM injection, and the technique is a bit different. IM injections also hurt a bit more. Prepare for your injection by drawing up the prescribed ... more
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