How Do You Glue Plastic Eyeglass Lenses?

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1 Answer

Plastic has replaced glass for eyeglass lenses and provides for the same quality of optic viewing with much less weight. Repairing the plastic lenses that have popped out from the eyeglass frame does not require a trip to an optometrist as they can be glued back into position by the eyeglasses' owner. The process is not complicated, but must be executed with precision in order to accomplish the task correctly. Put some newspaper on a work surface. Put the two plastic eyeglass lenses and the eyeglass frame down on the newspaper. Put on the cotton gloves. Apply bonding glue to the toothpick. Hold the left eyeglass lens down on the newspaper with your left hand while wiping the toothpick around the rim of the left lens, using your right hand. Discard the toothpick. Pick up the left lens, and carefully position it into the left eye of the eyeglass frame. Hold the lens until the bonding glue sets. Put the eyeglass frame back down. Apply bonding glue to the second toothpick. Hold the right ... more
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