How Do You Grease Car Brake Calipers?

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1 Answer

Greasing your car brake calipers is an important step when repairing, replacing or maintaining your brake calipers. The grease provides proper lubrication for the working parts of the caliper and can extend their life and protect them from corrosion. Understand the reason to grease your car brake calipers. Grease will lubricate the caliper slides and other working parts. This is important to help protect the caliper parts and make them last longer and function more efficiently. Explore the different kinds of grease available to use. Look for a silicone-based lubricant. Avoid any lubricants with petroleum or lithium in them. It is important to use the appropriate grease for automotive purposes, as the wrong grease can cause damage and speed the corrosion process for automotive parts. Locate the pins and boots on each side of the brake caliper; some vehicles have only one bolt and mounting stud. Take the pins out and, using your finger, slather some of the grease all over the pins. Use ... more
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