How Do You Grease Car Door Hinges?

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If your car door has begun to make awful sounds when you open and close it, then it is time to grease the car door hinge. It is not just a matter of wanting the sound to go away: that creaking sound is a warning that your hinge is no longer properly lubricated. An un-lubricated hinge will eventually bend out of shape, and then you will have to pay to replace the entire assembly. You can grease car door hinges in a few moments. Open your car door. Fill your grease gun with white lithium grease. Unscrew the cap from the grease tube of the gun and spoon-fill the tube with grease from the grease tube. Replace the cap and pump the trigger a few times until you see grease begin to come out of the nozzle. Place the tip of your nozzle against the space between the hinge pin and the hinge on the inside of the door frame. Press the trigger on the grease gun several times to push grease into the space. Remove the nozzle from the hinge. Open and close the door several times to work the grease ... more
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